Next Generation Applications


Making it simple to build beautiful, user-friendly online applications for colleges and universities.

No Coding Required

Drag-and-drop Builder

Creating and managing applications couldn’t be easier with App451. Our user experience designers have eliminated the guesswork for you. Everything from buttons to the look of fields is optimized so you can focus on content.

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Request and Collect

Recommendations & Documents

Students can ask teachers and counselors for recommendations and other materials directly from their application. All documents are stored with the student’s application, ensuring files stay together. Auto-sent confirmation messages keep everyone on the same page.

Save Them Time

Fast-application Mode

Give students the option to fill in only required information with the SnapApp mode. Having fewer fields to complete can encourage applicants to finish and submit their application while still capturing the essential information you need.

Keep It Relevant

Conditional Logic

Gone are questions like “If you answered yes to the above …” Instead, App451 uses conditional logic to show applicants questions based on their previous answers. Reducing unnecessary fields helps personalize the application by displaying only what’s relevant to an individual student.

Everything you need and more.

Mobile Friendly

Designed to work great on any size screen, from desktops to smartphones.

Branded to You

Use you own .edu domains and school fonts and colors.

Field-level Saving

Data is autosaved as it’s entered so applicants don’t have to worry about losing their work.

Multiple Applications

Students can submit multiple applications.

Email and SMS Autoresponders

Customizable messages auto-send based on actions (e.g. app started) and workflows (e.g. two weeks since app started).

Payment Integration

Accept credit card, checks, and waiver codes.

Data Sources

Easily manage lists of majors, terms, etc. students can choose.