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Smart Everything (AI)

Focus on the human stuff. Let artificial intelligence do the rest.


Let data decide. Instant recommendations, smart audience segments, and more from Bolt, our higher-ed AI, guide you on the best path. 

Behavioral Marketing

Artificial intelligence that uses behavioral data is 20 times more predictive than traditional, demo-based AI. Bolt puts the power of behavioral marketing in your hands. There's no need for an analytics background, technical expertise, or pricey agencies. It's built in to Element451.

Smart Segments

These brainy audience groups are auto-created and recommended for particular engagement goals. For example, reengage with people who used to open your messages but haven't in a few weeks.

Smart Sends

The debate about which day of the week or time of day to send an email or text is over. With smart sends, Element451 delivers messages based on a recipient's past behavior.

Application Review

High school students apply to more colleges than ever. While this can be a good problem to have, it often strains admissions offices. Element451's app reading tools can take a first pass at apps, routing them based on criteria you set.

Stroke of Genius

Get an edge up with Element451’s behavior-driven Bolt AI. Bolt artificial intelligence for higher-ed admissions marketers and enrollment managers delivers smart segments, instant recommendations, and prospect engagement scores, boosting interactions across channels like email and text messages.


Campaign Whiz

Let Element451 customize your emails and more down to the sentence level with our personalization tools. We take the guesswork out of finding the best methods and time to connect with your target with expertly matched content and delivery times.


Application Accelerator

Speed up the acceptance process for you and your prospects with our smart review tools. We'll scan and move an app ahead or reject it based on your specific criteria.


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