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Save time by eliminating hours of soul-crushing busy work.

Today, students expect an application process that goes from weeks to days while being personalized and digital. But most admissions and enrollment teams are overwhelmed with the manual back and forth and trying to meet the growing demands because their process is spread across multiple tools and teams.

Element451's application and decision solution connects students and your review team so you can save hours of mindless repetitive work and deliver personalized experiences that put the student first.

A screenshot of the SnapApp feature for students to apply more quickly online.

Stop wasting time (and patience) wrangling documents

We know the importance of your school brand—so of course your enrollment and application process is fully customizable right down to the URL. Then Element451 does all the document chasing for you such as references and supporting documents.

One place for student applications, communications, and your peace of mind

Instantly know where every student is at in the application process and what to do next. Your team can review every email, internal note, and phone call with a prospective student—all in one place.


Manual work is hurting your student experience (and goals)

Get every student across the finish line in record time without all the technical and mundane busy work. Assign applications to reviewers, automatically notify applicants of their application status, and create custom checklists so nothing gets overlooked.

Application Features to Explore

Student Application Portal

A student portal actually loved by students—and used by students.

Team Wide View

Assign readers, share notes, and facilitate collaboration among counselors, faculty, and admin.

Document Management

Applicants can request supporting material directly from their application. It's easy for recommenders too.

Task Management

Create tasks and subtasks so everyone can clearly see what needs to be done. 

Auto Evaluations

Bolt, our AI toolkit, can give each application a first read and route it to the next step based on criteria you set.

Acceptance + Aid Packages

Congratulate accepted students with a custom set of digital messages. Include personalized information at scale for financial award letters and more.


Automate the application process online and give clear next steps.

Reference Checks

Easily consolidate student references in one easy-to-find place to streamline your process.

Drag & Drop Builder

No guesswork needed when creating a mobile-friendly application. Everything from buttons to the look of fields is optimized so you can focus on content.