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AIBest practices
Authentic Impact Now Begins With Artificial Intelligence

By incorporating AI technology into your work, you and your team will foster a greater sense of belong...

The Higher Ed Marketer’s Guide to ChatGPT and Generative AI

🎧 Podcast Recap: The Higher Ed Marketer’s Guide to ChatGPT and Generative AI

A deep dive into the past, present, and future of Artificial Intelligence's role in higher education m...

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How to Use AI to Analyze Your Data and Get More out of Your Higher Ed CRM

How Element is using AI to build one of the industry’s most powerful and user-friendly CRMs on the mar...

Shot of two young women studying together at college stock photo

How to Personalize Your Student Recruitment

Learn how to personalize your recruiting processes so that prospective students receive tailored messa...

A group of private university students in class with cell phones, tablets, and books

Private School Marketing: Best Practices Guide

Private school marketing should focus on unique selling points of private institutions. Learn this yea...

Best practices
What Higher Ed Marketers Can Learn From How the World's Best Agencies are Leveraging AI

Learn what you can do today to increase output efficiency thanks to AI.


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Two pilots flying in a plane in flight school

Budget-Friendly Flight School Marketing Tips

Get the most out of your flight school marketing strategy, even when the budget is low. Learn how pers...

Element451 staff and higher education professionals at the Engage @ Wake Tech conference

Conference Recap: Engage @ Wake Tech

AI, innovation, and going digital-first to better serve today's community college students.

Element451 Expands AI Innovations with BoltBot and Bolt Copilot

BoltBot and Bolt Copilot address the crucial need for content generation to reach an unparalleled leve...

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How Higher Ed Can Leverage ChatGPT for Marketing and Student Recruitment

How to brainstorm marketing and admissions campaign ideas for colleges and universities.

Higher Education Marketing in the Age of AI: How ChatGPT Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Empower your higher education marketing and enrollment efforts with the cutting-edge capabilities of C...

Three students looking at a phone. They are seeing a landing page for the major they are interested in.

Modern Marketing Trends to Improve the Student Recruitment Funnel

Take advantage of modern marketing trends and tactics to create digital strategies that attract more s...

Practical ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Higher Education Marketers and Recruiters

ChatGPT and AI tools can benefit higher education marketing and enrollment managers in three ways: per...

Streamline your tech with our powerful integrated student engagement software, Element451

Top 3 Challenges Facing Marketing & Communications Departments

Direct admissions, employee retention and AI must be top of mind this year.

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What Exactly is ChatGPT and Why Should Higher Ed Marketers and Enrollment Managers Care About It?

A crash course on what ChatGPT is and why higher ed marketers and enrollment managers should care abou...

Graphic of an email inbox with envelopes labeled ChatGPT.

Engage Academy: Prompt Engineering for Higher Education

Discover practical applications of prompt engineering for higher education marketing and student recru...

Excited couple receiving a direct admissions acceptance from a college or university on line outside stock photo

Best practices
3 Ways to Streamline Recruiting and Enrollment with Direct Admissions

A direct admissions approach can streamline your admissions and recruitment efforts.

Best practices
The CRM Terms Enrollment Managers Need to Know for 2023

A list of CRM features and terms you should know as you enter 2023.

Young white female with brown hair sitting at a laptop computer with a notebook in hand.

Best practices
Community College Enrollment Trends to Watch in 2023

Community colleges face declining enrollment numbers and other pressing challenges. Learn about top en...

A woman looking closely at a computer with a frown. A chart with a downward trajectory.

Best practices
Declining Admissions in 2023? Marketing Tips on How to Handle It

Enrollment numbers often have ups and downs. What can marketers do to boost enrollment? Discover tips ...

Engage Summit 2023 Header

2023 Engage Summit: Unifying the Student Experience

What to expect at Element451's 2023 Engage Summit

Student turning around and smiling at the camera.

Best practicesMarketing
10 Higher Education Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Discover which emerging trends are most popular this year.

Element451 CEO Ardis Kadiu was recently featured on the On Balance podcast with Dr. Rod Berger!

Best practices
What Makes A College Successful In 2023?

Equity and inclusion, diverse achievements and a focus on student success is crucial to surviving in t...

Photo of a diverse group of students laughing together. These students have been offered direct admissions and converted due to increased engagement.

Best practices
Increasing Engagement to Make Direct Admissions Work

For direct admissions to be successful, universities need to better connect with students.

Male student looking at a cell phone.

Best practicesMarketing
Email Marketing for Higher Education

Email marketing plays an important role in higher education. Discover trends, tips, and strategies to ...

Two Black students looking at a computer together. The words "The Importance of HBCUs In the USA"

News + updates
The Importance of HBCUs in the USA

With more than 100 campuses across the United States, the role of HBCUs continues to grow.

Student with headphones looking at her laptop.

Best practices
Higher Ed Admissions Trends to Watch in 2023

The college admissions process is always changing, and experts point to many important trends. Learn t...

Illustration showing someone with too many items on their to do list and another person happy because they completed all their tasks with Element451 Bolt Tasks

Bolt Tasks: Increase Efficiency and Student Engagement

We’ve refreshed Bolt Tasks to increase the efficiency of your staff while strengthening your relations...

Female construction apprentice and colleague stock photo

Trade School Marketing Ideas to Increase Enrollment

Trade school marketing helps vocational schools increase enrollment year over year. Learn how to marke...

News + updates
Element451 Turns 5!

A timeline of our history as we celebrate our 5th birthday!

A student looking at his phone and smiling. Text bubble graphics surround him.

SMS College Tactics: Connect with Students

Use SMS messages at your school to connect with students and families—from recruitment to admissions a...

A photo of a student walking

Best practices
4 Steps to Enrolling Direct Admissions Recipients

What are the critical steps to moving a student from admitted to enrolled when offered direct admissio...

10 Social Media Post Ideas for Higher Ed

Want to engage with prospective students using social media strategy? Check out 10 creative post ideas...

News + updatesContent
2022: Element451's Year in Review

Element451’s best and biggest resources, blog posts, and webinars of the year.

ApplicationsBest practicesMarketing
The Rise of Direct Admissions and Test Optional Policies in 2023

How will direct admissions and test-optional policies change the higher education industry in 2023?

MarketingBest practicesPersonalization
5 Higher Ed Tech Trends to Prepare for in 2023

These 5 tech trends will change the course for many colleges and universities in 2023.

PersonalizationBest practicesMarketing
How to Get Noticed: 9 Student Engagement Trends to Follow in 2023

Keep your students engaged with these 9 trends for 2023.

A photo of a man sitting in a chair and looking at his laptop 

Do I Need Slate for Higher Education Marketing?

Wondering whether Slate is the best choice for your higher ed institution? There are pros, cons, and a...

Top CRM Platforms for Student Engagement in 2023

A higher-ed CRM platform can improve admissions, enrollment, and campus life processes. Discover the p...

Young Asian female receiving good news

Best practices
Direct Admissions: How to Prioritize Your Enrollment Efforts

What part of the admissions process should become the new priority with direct admissions?

students texting

Best practicesContentMarketing
Higher Ed CRM: One Text Away from Better Student Engagement

What is higher ed CRM texting? Discover how to leverage CRM text messaging within your admissions and ...

A graphic showing two puzzle pieces, one for Flywire and one for Element451. The Element451 logo and Learn More

News + updates
Element451 Expands Partnership With Payments Enablement Company Flywire

Our expanded partnership with Flywire leads the charge toward digital-first solutions.

Graphic of a young student smiling at her phone. She is viewing her digital application checklist and signing up for a career development event online.

MarketingBest practices
Community College Recruitment Lures That Aren't Free Tuition

Free community college is a current trend, but some wonder whether it’s the most effective. Explore th...

Graphic showing Admissions data and little circles showing student faces moving toward the data.

Best practices
Direct Admissions in Modern Colleges and Universities

Direct admission offers a way to provide immediate responses to students while boosting enrollment num...

Graphic of a staff member answering the phone at her desk and the Element451 logo

Best practices
How to Improve Customer Service in College Admissions

Customer service in higher ed is directly related to student expectations and experiences in admission...

Best practicesPersonalization
Recruit, Retain, Remarket: Seamless Engagement Across the Student Journey

Recruiting, retention and re-marketing don’t have to be built from scratch at each stage.

Graphic of staff working together on a computer. Image of graphics and data and the Element451 logo.

Best practicesContent
Putting Technology First to Save Enrollment and Engagement

Traditional outreach methods are not cutting it with today’s learners

A graphic showing various people and types of communication including Snapchat, IG feed, FB feed, podcasts, etc.

Best practicesPersonalizationContent
Content Is Broken. We Need a New Way.

Advertising used to be focused on casting a wide net but the landscape today is very different. Divers...

Graphic of a student smiling at her cell phone. An image of templated emails and the Element451 logo

Why You Need Fully Customizable Email Marketing Templates

Customizable email templates can make your higher education email marketing goals easier to reach. Lea...

An image of an office setting with charts and graphics.

Best practicesMarketingContent
What Higher Ed Can Learn from Consumer Brands 

It’s not enough for schools to recruit and retain students with the same traditional marketing strateg...

Graphic showing funnel progress.

Best practicesMarketing
Admissions and Enrollment Conversion Rates 101

Understanding your school’s conversion rates can help you market, spend, and recruit more efficiently....

Student looking at their iPad. The salesforce logo.

Best practices
Pros and Cons of Salesforce for Higher Ed

Not sure if Salesforce CRM for higher education is right for you? There are pros, cons, and alternativ...

An image of a computer with four envelopes.

MarketingBest practices
4 Ways to Modernize Higher Education Email Marketing

If you use email marketing for enrollment, you must ensure it's up to par. Use these tips to keep your...

A graphic showing various documents.

Best practices
Modern Updates to Higher Ed Document Management

Document management helps schools collect data on students and school processes. Modernize your higher...

Graphic showing a chat conversation between an admissions counselor and a prospective student.

Best practicesMarketing
6 Ways Live Chat is Changing College Recruiting for The Better

Learn the six ways that live chat can build student engagement & relationships and make recruiting bet...

A young female student holding a phone and smiling.

News + updates
Element451 Announces Growth Equity Investment

Blueprint Equity leads Element451’s financing as the business seeks to further develop its recruitment...

Image of calendar and event graphic

EventsBest practices
How to Increase Attendance at Admissions Events

Campus events can be significant for driving admissions and enrollment. Discover practical tips for bo...

Best practices
How to Establish Admissions Goals and Objectives at Your College

Learn how to establish admissions goals and objectives at your college or university. Get 5 ideas of s...

Puzzle pieces combining to create a document with play buttons and envelopes.

Best practices
Document Management in Higher Ed Admissions

Document management in higher education helps admissions stay organized and efficient. Improve documen...

A robot with chat icons surrounding it. The words Learn More and the Element451 logo.

Best practicesMarketing
How to Implement Chatbots in Higher Education Marketing

Chatbots use conversational AI technology to deliver personalized marketing experiences. Learn how to ...

An image of a chat box with message icons surrounding it. The Element451 logo.

Best practicesMarketing
Enrollment Marketing Platforms for Higher Ed

Many schools struggle to drive new enrollments, but a marketing platform can be a helpful and life-cha...

Image of Mallory Willsea and the words "Welcome Mallory Willsea, Vice President of Marketing & Demand Generation" and the Element451 logo.

News + updates
Mallory Willsea Named Element451 Vice President of Marketing & Demand Generation

Get to know Element451's Vice President of Marketing & Demand Generation, Mallory Willsea

Best practicesPersonalization
5 Ways Student-Centered Enrollment Makes Admissions Easier (and Better)

What if you could reduce friction, eliminate unnecessary steps, and create a more enjoyable student ex...

Image of Devin Perguson from Forsyth Technical Community College. Title: Partner Spotlight Forsyth Technical Community College. The Element451 logo

Customer stories
Forsyth Technical Community College Creates Culture of Engagement 

Element451 has revolutionized student engagement through personalization and one-on-one conversations ...

Image of Lenell Hahn from SEMO. Title: Partner Spotlight - Southeast Missouri State University

Customer stories
How SEMO Increased Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Brand Awareness

Lenell Hahn, Director of Admissions at Southeast Missouri State University shares how the Element451 p...

Image of Tyler Cox from UT Southern. Title: Partner Spotlight - The University of Tennessee Southern and the Element451 logo

Customer stories
How The University of Tennessee Southern Easily Tracks The Entire Student Lifecycle

Element451 has helped UT Southern track and see student progress throughout the entire lifecycle.

A group of students and staff gathered around a computer. Images of analytics screens and figures behind them.

Best practices
What Higher Ed Needs to Know About Behavioral Marketing

There's no data more valuable than the actions our prospective students take on our respective platfor...

Best practices
Why You Should Be Recruiting With Personalized Videos

Rather than relying solely on traditional outreach like phone calls and emails, forward-thinking admis...

Image of Terrence Izzard from Tennessee State University. The title: Partner Spotlight - Tennessee State University

Customer stories
Tennessee State University Engages Students in a More Personal Way

Terrence Izzard, Chief Enrollment Officer at Tennessee State University shares how Element451 has help...

Graphic showing Wanda Pogue from VaynerMedia at Engage Summit 2022

Best practicesMarketing
How to Create Relevant Content With Student Cohorts

The most successful brands have embraced the back-and-forth relationship between their customers and t...

Image of Becky Strathearn from Villa Maria College. Title: Partner Spotlight Villa Maria College and the Element451 logo

Customer stories
Villa Maria College Easily Upgrades to a Student Engagement CRM

Villa Maria College was working exclusively on spreadsheets and documents but Element451 has completel...

A smiling staff member using her computer. An image of a person profile in Element451.

Best practices
What Does a Student Lifecycle Management System That Converts Look Like?

Student lifecycle management gives visibility into each student’s journey from admission to graduation...

An image of a frustrated student looking at a screen.

Best practices
The Silent Killer in Higher Education Enrollment: Student Retention

Student retention strategies are essential at any college or university. Learn how to support students...

Image of students throwing their graduation caps in the air.

Best practicesMarketing
Full Funnel Student Marketing: A Smooth Path to Crushing Enrollment Goals

Recruiting students to college depends on full funnel student marketing. Learn how to help students th...

Image of two women looking at a computer screen divided by an image of a graduating student

MarketingBest practices
Enrollment Marketing Funnel vs. Admissions Marketing Funnel

Learn how the enrollment marketing funnel is similar to and different from the admissions funnel, and ...

Two people looking at a computer screen.

Best practices
6 University Student Recruitment Strategies That Work

In light of new trends, recruiters need proven strategies for attracting new and prospective students ...

Students looking at a computer together. A screenshot of Element451.

Best practices
Student-Centric Enrollment Management for Colleges

Learn how to incorporate the top enrollment management strategies that place students first in the adm...

A group of students studying.

Best practices
Strategies to Increase Enrollment in Private Colleges

Discover how to increase enrollment in private colleges and universities with six practical strategies...

Element451 CEO Ardis Kadiu was recently featured on the On Balance podcast with Dr. Rod Berger!

News + updates
On Balance Podcast Features Element451 CEO Ardis Kadiu

Element451 CEO Ardis Kadiu and Dr. Rod Berger discuss higher ed innovations for today’s students.

Graphic of Engage Summit 2022 Keynote Speaker: Wanda Pogue, Chief Strategy Officer at VaynerMedia

Workshop: How Great Engagement Campaigns Are Made

Learn the pow­er of co­horts and our abil­i­ty to make prospects fall in love with our schools through...

A group of students with headphones, binders and backpacks.

MarketingBest practices
8 College Marketing Campaign Ideas

A marketing campaign helps you reach your target audience with messages about a school’s brand identit...

Best practicesEvents
Workshop: Create Connections Through Strategic Narratives

Explore strategic narratives and how they can change your whole approach to recruiting. 

Young woman on a laptop. Charts and graphs surround her. The words "Taking the 'Bore' Out of Dashboards: Analytics + Insights" and the Element451 logo

EventsBest practices
Workshop: Dashboards, Analytics & Insights

Unleash your data with dashboard best practices, see what's happening in real-time, and get everyone o...

News + updates
Element451 named Enrollment Management Innovation of the Year

Element451 has been named the Enrollment Management Innovation of the Year in the 4th annual EdTech Br...

A collection of images, icons and graphs

EventsBest practices
Workshop: Creating Connections with Behavioral Marketing

Like how savvy enrollment marketers use behavioral data to make stronger connections with students.

Four students looking at their cell phones with chat bubbles.

Best practicesMarketing
Why Higher Ed Needs Conversational Marketing

Embedded chat boxes and instant messaging help schools engage prospects while saving time and money.

Young girl on her cell phone smiling.

ProductNews + updates
Conversations 2.0: Intelligent Chat and Conversational Marketing

Element451’s revamped Conversations module makes it easier for your enrollment, recruitment and studen...

News + updates
Element451 Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

As the education sector faces increased cyber threats, Element451 continues to attain the highest secu...

Female inside a screen.

EventsBest practices
Workshop: Record, Recruit, Repeat—Personalized Video Messaging

Learn how forward-thinking admissions teams are adapting with a new form of communication: video email...

News + updates
Meet Our Black Students in STEM Scholarship Winner

Olaudo Victor-Ofoegbu is the recipient of our 2022 Scholarship for Black Students in STEM

Workshop: Measuring Your Marketing Like A Fortune 500 Company

Learn ways Fortune 500 companies think about measurement and how you can operationalize your marketing...

Best practicesMarketing
Marketing for Public vs. Private Schools

Learn the biggest differences between public and private schools, and discover how to develop the most...

A young female student holding a phone and smiling.

Best practicesMarketing
Higher Education Marketing – Do’s and Don'ts for Campaign Success

Replace outdated marketing tactics with digital do’s and don’ts. Learn how to apply modern best practi...

Workshop: Engaging and Inspiring the Next Generation of Students

What Steve Jobs, Don Draper, and Brené Brown Can Teach Us About How to Attract, Engage, and Inspire th...

A group of students sitting on the grass, looking at a computer screen and smiling.

Best practicesMarketing
Student Recruitment and Digital Marketing–What You Need to Know

Student recruitment success depends on reliable digital marketing strategies. Learn the steps you can ...

Best practices
Keep Cool: 3 Ways to Freeze Summer Melt

How to stop summer melt in its tracks and maintain student commitment.

Best practices
4 Ways Good Data Leads to Good Engagement

The absolute starting point for better engagement is getting our data in order at the source and keepi...

News + updates
Element451 Named EdTech Awards Finalist

Element451 has been named a finalist in the AI Solution Category for Bolt AI and an EdTech Company Set...

Male student smiles working on a tablet.

Best practices
3 Ways to Handle Attribution and Sneaky Stealth Apps

How to know what's working and where to allocate more time (and more budget).

Best practices
How Student-Centered Recruitment Can Fix Higher Ed

It’s time to say goodbye to the old-school approach to recruitment and engagement.

A student looking at his phone and smiling. Text bubble graphics surround him.

News + updatesBest practices
Build Student Engagement with Element451’s Conversations

Enhancements to our Conversations module make it easier to communicate and connect with students.

Intelligent Admissions Marketing

Intelligent Admissions Marketing to Boost Student Enrollment

Make Technology, Creativity and Strategy Work Together to Achieve Your Enrollment Goals

Image of a young female looking down at her phone in her hands.

Best practices
4 Ways to Prioritize Outreach and Increase Engagement

How to find our best targets and where to point our (too limited) resources.

Best practices
The Technology Community Colleges Need to Boost Enrollment

Enrollment in community colleges has lagged, bringing new tech-focused efforts into focus. 

Female student sits at a laptop.

Ghosting 101: 4 Ways to Re-Engage Prospective Students

A survival guide for driving student-engagement and reducing ghosting.

The words "In Your Element with Ardis + Erin" and a play button with audio frequency lines and the Element451 logo

Best practices
Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Amidst Polarization and a Pandemic

Keeping students engaged during a pandemic and amidst polarization when attention is at a premium.

Two students looking at a computer screen and the words "8 Tactics to Drive Enrollment", and the  Element451 logo around them.

Best practicesMarketing
8 Essential Admissions Marketing Tactics to Drive Student Enrollment

If you want to combat declining admissions numbers at your university, you need proven strategies. Che...

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
Personalization in the Age of Information Overload — Lenell Hahn on Breaking Down Student Barriers

What means of communication are working to connect with prospective students?

A group of people working around a table with laptops and books. The text "Predictions for 2022: The Right Tech for Student Engagement" and the logo "Element451"

News + updates
Element451 Featured in eCampusNews 2022 Predictions

Element451 Founder and CEO, Ardis Kadiu's predictions for higher ed’s path in 2022

Students doing various activities: walking and talking, looking at phone, reading emails or messages

Student Engagement Soars When Email Becomes Personalized

More personalization doesn’t have to mean more content.

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
Andrew Flagel’s Level Playing Field — Stackable Credits, Outside Partnerships, and A True Digital Transformation

What are the next largest issues schools will be confronting?

An image of Dean Hanson, blonde white male, and the words "Welcome Dean Hanson Chief Revenue Officer" and the Element451 logo.

News + updates
Dean Hanson Named Element451 Chief Revenue Officer 

Dean Hanson has been named chief revenue officer of Element451.

The Element451 logo and the words "Happy Birthday Element451" next to an image of a big 4 and a graphic of an astronaut.

News + updates
Element451 Turns 4!

A timeline of our history as we celebrate our 4th birthday!

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
What You Don’t “Get” About Student Engagement — Colum Cronin’s Advice for Student Success Professionals

The future of student engagement isn't pizza parties and free t-shirts.

A white male student and a Black male student leaning up against windows wearing backpacks and holding notebooks and laptops.

Best practices
7 Creative Ways to Increase College Enrollment

Discover seven new ways to increase college enrollment this year.

Image of Element451 Chief Technology Officer Petar Djordjevic with the text "Petar Djordjevic Named Element451 Chief Technology Officer" and the Element451 logo.

News + updates
Petar Djordjevic Named Chief Technology Officer

We’re happy to announce that Petar Djordjevic has been named Element451’s new Chief Technology Officer...

A male student smiling next to a female student who is holding a phone and smiling. The words "5 Ways to Improve Admission Rates" and the Element451 logo surround them.

Best practicesProduct
5 Ways To Improve Admissions Rates With Higher Education Software

Discover the 5 ways to accelerate and improve your admission and enrollment rates with higher educatio...

Young woman pointing excitedly to icons representing graphs and charts around her and the words "How Software Breaks Barriers" and the Element451 logo.

ProductBest practices
How Higher Ed Software Helps Break Admissions Barriers

Discover the benefits of online enrollment software and how it can help you break barriers to admissio...

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
Education in the Workforce — Why Schools Need Corporate Partnerships with Ray Lutzky

Why corporate partnerships with universities are the way of the future.

Person sitting at a computer with text, email, and chat bubbles and a CRM dashboard surrounding him.

Best practices
6 Must-Know Definitions for New College Recruiters

The top definitions to help you understand the wide world of CRMs.

A young woman surrounding by charts, graphs and documents.

Best practices
11 Ways You Should Be Using Predictive Analytics

Use your data to make an informed guess about what might happen next.

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
The Evolution of Campus Life — Digital Student Engagement in Graduate Schools and Beyond with Christina Ferrari

How the shift to virtual events has changed the future of student engagement

A file of documents with a lock for security and a security seal next to it. The words "Security for Your Peace of Mind" and the Element451 logo.

News + updates
Element451 Obtains SOC 2 Security Certification

As education sector faces increased cyber threats, Element451's got you covered.

A person with a magnifying glass looking at 3 student profiles with the text "10 Ways to Elevate Your International Recruitment" and the Element451 logo.

Best practices
10 Ways to Elevate Your International Recruitment

Creating meaningful connections with students overseas.

Two students looking at a phone together with the words "6 Ways to Personalize Your Connection With Students" and the Element451 logo.

Best practices
6 Ways to Personalize Your Connection With Students

Ensuring a human touch with every interaction.

A graph with a rising trend and the title "The right tools to maximize your efforts while saving time and money." with the Element451 logo above.

Marketing Automation Makes Teams of 5 Feel Like 100

The right tools to maximize your efforts while saving time and money.

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
The Power of Experience-Based Recruitment — Why Nik Higgins Believes Peer to Peer Connection Can Solve the Struggle for Recruitment

Harnessing current student authenticity can solve higher ed's biggest issues.

The Element451 logo plus the Covideo logo over a dark background with play buttons.

EventsNews + updates
Record, Recruit, Repeat: A Personalized Video Webinar

Easily record and share personalized with Element451's Covideo integration.

Women holding a laptop next to the words 6 Apps to Elevate Your Video Calls

Best practices
How to Win an Oscar for Your Video Calls

The top 6 tools to make you look and sound amazing on calls.

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
Digital Connection for Gen Z: The Importance of Developing Relationships Before Stepping Foot on Campus with ZeeMee’s Vanessa Didyk

Why students need a space of their own to form bonds.

Two students laughing together and the words "Unbiasing Higher Education (And Beyond)" and the Element451 logo.

News + updates
Unbiasing Higher Education (And Beyond)

Who is responsible for removing biases in artificial intelligence?

Two people putting a puzzle together with the words "Create More With Less" to their left and the Element451 logo.

Best practices
7 Secrets to Being a Content Powerhouse

Our top tools for creating graphics, charts, videos, and more.

Image of a young man with a thoughtful expression and the words "Why Are New Colleges Opening During an Enrollment Decline" and the Element451 logo.

News + updates
Why Are New Colleges Opening During an Enrollment Decline?

Shifting the focus to market needs and strong student support.

Customer stories
How To Overcome the Barriers Created by the Pandemic

Research Review and Customer Survey Report on Current Trends Affecting Higher Education Admissions

Best practices
Simplifying Recruiting and Enrollment for Admissions Professionals

The who, what, and how of recruiting and enrollment. 

Card with title that says Top Tools To Get Your Time Back next to a group of women professionals working together at a laptop

Best practices
Top Tools To Get Your Time Back

Our favorite time saving tools for maximizing productivity.

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
Best and Worst Pandemic Predictions for Higher Ed from Josh Moody — School Closures, A Test-Optional Future, and the Rise of Credential Programs

What prediction about how Covid would affect colleges was the most off?

A young woman looking down at her phone with text bubble graphics around her. The words "In Your Element with Ardis & Erin" and the Element451 logo are near her.

Best practices
How to Master the Art of Personalized Communication

One to one communication to recruit and nurture students.

What We Learned at EDUCAUSE 2021

Element451's takeaways from EDUCAUSE 2021.

Villa Maria College Campus

Best practicesMarketing
How to Deliver an Exceptional Virtual Experience Before the Campus Visit

The visit experience begins online. Make sure it’s seamless.

ProductNews + updates
Element451 Announces Integration with Covideo

As video becomes a top engagement tool, Element451 partners with Covideo.

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
Building and Retaining Student, Staff, and Faculty Engagement Upon Returning to Campus with CSU East Bay President Cathy Sandeen

How 2020 changed the ways in which higher ed thinks about (and fosters) student engagement

The title of the show "In Your Element with Ardis & Erin" and the headline "3 Ways to Save Time With Marketing Automation" with a cell phone featuring multiple text bubbles and e-mail notifications.

Best practices
3 Ways to Save Time With Marketing Automation

Create an easier, more efficient campaign process that saves your team time and ensures student engage...

A student sitting at an open laptop with a text bubble and open letter around her. The words "In Your Element with Ardis and Erin" are to her left.

Best practices
The Non-Marketer's Guide to Creating Student Campaigns

Provide a personalized experience, while keeping reducing workload and ensuring success.

A person sitting in front of the screen featuring the solar system, and around him are notification bubbles and a phone.

Best practicesProduct
5 Undeniable Benefits of a CRM for University Admissions

The right CRM software can redefine how university admissions takes student recruitment to new heights...

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Best practices
Innovation is Turning Colleges Into Tech Companies — and Why Cliff Holekamp Believes That’s A Good Thing

The rise of technological innovation across universities is turning colleges into tech companies.

Best practicesMarketing
Analyzing Engagement to Make The Right Marketing Move

Why real-time data is the key to stellar recruiting.

A graphic of a CRM dashboard showing Bolt AI with the text "Element451 launches Bolt AI — built in artificial intelligence engine" and the Element451 logo.

ProductNews + updatesAI
Element451 Launches Bolt AI

Predictive marketing and expanded personalization using automated intelligence

Graphic of two cell phone screens featuring a female and male reaching out to each other. A play button and the words "In Your Element with Ardis & Erin" surrounds them.

How Personalized Video Is Changing the Student Engagement Game

Harness the power of personalized videos to engage students during their enrollment journeys and beyon...

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As Enrollment Declines, Advertising Dollars Rise

Universities are stepping up their marketing game in the face of rapidly declining enrollments.

The words "Element451 Tops “Startups to Watch” List" over a graphic of a trophy and the GrepBeat award seal.

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Element451 Tops “Startups to Watch” List

Element451 recently named a “Startup to Watch” by Grep Beat

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Do Big Things With a Small Enrollment Marketing Team

Doing a lot with a small team, and in less time, is easier than ever.

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Best practices
Moving Forward in the "New Normal" with Melanie Gottlieb

Host Eric Stoller chats with Melanie Gottlieb, Interim Executive Director at AACRAO.

ProductBest practices
Landing Page Dos and Don'ts

Pique interest, gather important contact info, and showcase your school.

Build Your Senior Search Campaign in 15 Seconds

Get the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

The text "In Your Element with Eric Stoller" over a play button and an audio wave form. The Element451 logo is at the very top.

Rebounding From the Pandemic with Mordecai Brownlee, President of Community College of Aurora

How do community colleges rebound from the damage done by the pandemic?

Woman with laptop pointing at security lock next to the words "Apple Mail Privacy Protection: What You Need to Know". Below that is the Element451 logo.

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Apple Mail Privacy Protection: What You Need to Know

This summer, Apple announced “Mail Privacy Protection”, a new feature designed to prevent email market...

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Best practices
7 Smart Ways to Increase College Enrollment

Increase college enrollment with smart, tactical, and hands-on strategies that you can use starting to...

CRM for Higher Education: 14 Best Options to Consider

At colleges and universities, customer relationship management (CRM) has numerous benefits. Use this g...

Best practices
5 Steps to Efficient College Application Management

Implement these 5 tips today for better college application management.

A card welcoming Element451's new Chief Success Officer Todd Heilman with his headshot

Todd Heilman Named Chief Success Officer

Todd’s attention to student success and engagement perfectly aligns with Element's mission to help col...

College Students Get Honest About Learning During the Pandemic

Students found their good moments, but the difficulties of the last year tripped up even the best stud...

Watch: Taking Education Higher

Education can change the trajectory of someone's life. We capture that spirit of boundary-breaking ach...

Element451 - 3 things we do better than any other higher ed CRM: Microsites, Landing Pages, and Email Building

3 Things We Do Better Than Any Other Higher Ed CRM

Element451's email builder, landing pages, and microsites are easy to use, quick to deploy, and provid...

In Your Element: Enrollment Analytics Certificate

JC Bonilla joined Eric Stoller, VP of Product Strategy at Element451, to discuss his new Enrollment An...

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Element451 Sees 2X Increase in Higher-Ed Partners

Admissions departments see opportunity to fix broken enrollment process and tackle shortfall with AI-p...

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Intelligent Admissions Academy Opens to Higher-ed Community

We're inviting all admissions and enrollment professionals to our annual user conference, June 15-16, ...

Title card that says the Future of Admissions Is Agile with a graphic of the ooda loop: observe, orient, decide, act

Best practices
The Future of Higher-Ed Admissions is Agile

Many of the approaches higher-ed has adopted the last year are features, not bugs, in what is known as...

An image of three students at a work table on their laptops laughing

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It's All About People: Managing Relationships and Student Data

Two women working together at a standing desk on their laptops

Will AI Reduce or Enforce Biases in College Admissions?

How technology and higher-ed are working together to bridge the education gap.

A college student celebrates graduation

News + updates
Element451 secures $3M Investment

It’s official: we have secured a Series A investment to further our customers’ success.

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New Image Features: Faster Load Times, Editing, and Unsplash Integration

We've been doing some tinkering under the hood to give our users some fantastic new additions when it ...

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Learning About Element451 - People, Culture, and Technology

It's my third week at Element451 and I'm loving it. One of the questions that people keep asking me is...

Card showing the difference between pricing models

Best practices
College Enrollment CRM Pricing, Why Transparency Wins (Always)

We’ve listened to directors of admissions and VPs of enrollment and what they want is straightforward,...

Card showing the logo for The Edtech Awards with text that says Finalists Element451 for best new product and product setting a trend

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EdTech Names Element451 a Finalist for Best New Product and Product Setting a Trend

Last summer, we combined our technology with our content expertise to deliver Packs free campaigns.

An illustration of a computer on a desk with the Zoom logo on the screen

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Measuring Zoom Events for Maximum Impact in Element451

A picture of Eric Stoller, vice president of product strategy for Element451, smiling with his title displayed next to him

News + updates
Higher-Ed Tech Expert Eric Stoller Tapped as Element451’s VP of Product Strategy

Group of students with percentage bubbles above their heads, indicating their engagement levels.

Best practices
With Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling for Admissions Is Evolving

Knowing who is likely to enroll means knowing how to use resources wisely.

Three students are looking at a laptop and laughing.

In the News: Element451 Relieves Pandemic-Battered Colleges and Universities with Packs

News + updates
How Higher Ed Is Transitioning to Virtual Enrollment

Admissions and enrollment teams are pulling together to help prospective students.

A person looking via a magnifier into user profiles and applicable analytics.

Best practices
Excel in Virtual Student Recruitment for Higher-Ed (COVID Edition)

Pivoting to a digital admissions and enrollment operation.

Two girls and a boy are crossing a finish line of a race.

Best practices
Why Email Delivery is One Tough Mudder

Crossing the finish line (and landing in the inbox) has never felt so good.

A girl is working on a laptop with scattered papers, a cell phone, and a glass of water next to her.

Best practices
10 Steps to Choosing the Best Admissions and Enrollment CRM

The who, what, and when of evaluating and selecting a CRM for higher education.

Five digitalized buildings.

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What Drives Students to Apply? Behavioral Analytics Holds Answers

A fair-like display of CRMs with two people talking and a third working on a laptop.

Best practices
Top CRM Terms Enrollment Managers Need to Know for 2019

A helpful list for those new to CRMs for higher ed or on the lookout for features to expect soon.

Graphical user interface, application

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De-risking Application Season: Indicators and Interventions for Enrollment Managers

Reduce app-season anxiety by taking the temperature of your submitted application progress.

Graphical user interface, Artificial Intelligence in enrollment: email, applications, text box

AI in College Admissions: Summer Melt Has Changed (Forever)

Schools can improve and better manage their admitted yield with new tools that predict which students ...

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Five Ways to Maximize Your Enrollment Technology for College Recruiting

Are you getting everything you can out of your admissions and marketing software?

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Admissions Marketing Automation

A picture containing people doing different activities: walking and talking, looking at laptop

Predict 101 for Enrollment Management

The Promise of Prediction and Advanced Analytics

Image with eyeball referring to machines helping to automate processes

Involving Machines in Reviewing College Applications Lets Humans Do What They Do Better

Automation tools give readers and reviewers time for the most important tasks.

A digitalized world map with a central focus to Europe, connected by a web of dots.

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GDPR: What Higher Ed Marketers & Admissions Teams Need to Know

You’re not exempt just because you’re not in the EU.

Multiple students looking at their cell phones.

Best practicesPersonalization
Great Expectations: Gen Z and the Path to True Content Personalization

Technology and sophisticated marketing techniques have enabled personalized experiences with products ...

Lap top with an email message.

Best practices
How to Optimize a Student Search Email Campaign

Spend less time formulating that perfect subject line and more time on techniques with greater impact.

A picture containing students in the background and an image of emails being sent via Element451

Email Software That Does More for Higher-ed

Top marketers use segmentation and automation. Learn why admissions pros should too.

People viewing app messages

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What the Rise of Messaging Apps Means for Admissions Teams

They’re changing ecommerce and customer support. How will messaging apps affect higher-ed communicatio...

Laptop displaying an online application for college admission.

Best practices
Fields Say So Much: Improving a University Application

Usability testing leads the way towards a better college application.

Data being processed

Engineering and User Experience Go Hand in Hand

Two students standing in front of a laptop filling out a college application.

News + updates
Introducing Element451: A CRM and More for Admissions and Marketing Teams

The making of an intelligent admissions platform for higher education.

Group of students tossing graduation caps into the air

MarketingNews + updates
Maximizing Graduate Enrollment Marketing in a Dynamic Economy

Many schools ask us why their graduate enrollments experience such fluctuations...

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News + updates
Origins and Expansion: An Element451 Profile

Triangle Business Journal reports on our growing admissions and enrollment software.

FSCJ Student Perspective

Remote learning during pandemic with Robin Price

Bolt Tasks: Efficient Higher Ed Marketing

One girl, young girl pilot sitting alone i airplane cockpit.

Flight School Marketing Tips for Enrollment

Discover top marketing strategies for flight schools. From social media to targeted advertising, help ...

Portrait of hairdresser with dye hair at hair salon

Beauty School Marketing Ideas to Increase Enrollment

Beauty school marketing is an important pathway to growth for cosmetology and salon training programs....

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