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Surpass Enrollment Goals with Element451

It’s all here in Element451. The most complete admissions marketing technology and CRM available provides you with a single platform for running a successful recruitment operation.

  • Have more time to focus on strategy and high-impact tasks with an all-in-one, automated software solution
  • Make data-driven decisions and get buy-in for new initiatives with analytics and reports 
  • Empower your team with easy-to-use tools and a modern interface 
  • Achieve more with the flexibility of a cloud-based, secure system

Exactly What You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Element451 is a modular platform that you can customize by combining modules to fit your school’s specific goals and activities. Whichever modules you select, you’ll be able to work smarter and more efficiently with Element451’s core functionality: automation, centralized database, audience segmentation.

Choose Your Modules


Mobile-friendly applications for school admission and more

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Automated email and SMS communications

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Answer questions in real time: online, by text, over email

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Improve every stage: auto-reviewing, reading, notifying applicants

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Promote and manage visit programing, webinars, and more

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Branded landing pages featuring pre-filled forms

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A centralized view of prospect data and interactions

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Keep admitted students engaged with personalized microsites

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Advanced analytics that turn data into actionable insight

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