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Black student smiling and holding notebooks and a laptop wearing a backpack. Beside her are a checkmark, thumbs up and communication bubble icons. On her right is a graphic of a checklist.

Colleges need to apply to students versus the other way around

Demand generation and marketing is top of mind for colleges that want to remain competitive before a shrinking pool of applicants and in a world where the availability and expansion of post-secondary choices for education have increased.

This marketing approach aligns with how powerhouse consumer brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify use hyper-personalization to drive tremendous brand loyalty.

Pulling students toward brand attachment

The ability to instantly serve optimized and personalized next-step recommendations based on a student’s actions and behaviors versus triggering a cookie-cutter nurture email is the difference between accelerating and stalling engagement.

Though for resource-constrained higher ed marketing teams, the idea of creating a continuous, behavior-driven experience for every student seems well beyond reach.


Colleges get a tech makeover to better serve Gen Z throughout their educational journey

The key to higher ed marketing success is putting the learner in the driver’s seat to get the help and information they want, when and how they want it.

Marketing automation and AI is the enabler for these types of interactions and is easier than ever for colleges and universities to put to use.   

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