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Enrollment Analytics Certificate

What It's All About

Watch J.C. Bonilla, Ph.D. explain who should take this certificate program on business analytics for enrollment and the skills and experience you'll develop.

Note: Applications are now closed for the course.

What You'll Learn

Certificate Program Highlights

The content for this certificate course is based on leading-edge work in enrollment analytics with actual schools.

Master Business Analytics Techniques for Enrollment

Master analytics techniques that will allow you to recognize trends in student behavior, detect outliers and mine student data.

Leverage Projects

Leverage 4 projects for the upcoming recruitment cycle, including: - Persona Modeling - Purchase Model - Intelligent Admissions (AI) Dashboards

Improve your CV

Add technical skills to your CV such as data wrangling and exploratory data analysis, dashboarding and distributing analytics, and building predictive models.

Drawing of man data and an analytics report

What is Business Enrollment Analytics and Why Should I Enroll in this Certificate Program?

Enrollment analytics is a set of data analysis and modeling techniques for understanding student intent and improving recruitment outcomes. This course provides an introduction to analytics concepts, methods, and tools with concrete examples from student recruitment. This certificate is available for enrollment management professionals who strive to leverage data for admissions and recruitment. In 8-weeks, you will learn analytics skills to generate insight that informs how a student should be recruited. Start Date: Sep 15, 2021

Drawing of man and woman creating a student personal model with data analytics

Build a Quantitative Student Persona Model

Using a historic enrollment dataset, we will explore the basic logic elements of student intent and funnel analytics. Additionally, learn about summary statistics & central tendencies to frame persona modeling.

Drawing of woman presenting a business analytics report that predicts the likeliness of a student to apply to a college

Purchase + Likeliness to Apply Model

Learn how to predict student preferences. Explore the student historical data and understand the principles that can lead to greater recruitment operations. Additionally, learn how to use historical data and statics to estimate enrollment forecasts for the future.

Drawing of a man presenting analysis about capturing data about student behavior

Incoming Class and Cohort Analysis

Identify effective methods for collecting data on student behavior and use it to make better decisions for your school. Recognize trends, detect outliers, and summarize data sets concisely. Delve into how a school identifies patterns, segmentation, and aggressions for an incoming class.

Drawing of a woman presenting an analytic dashboard with a bar graph showing the effectiveness of an enrollment plan

Build an Executive Dashboard + Intelligent Admissions Reporting

Use analytics to derive insights into the key components of the enrollment cycle for your school — application generation & yield. Learn how to communicate analytics results and build an analytics narrative. But more importantly, build your upcoming recruitment dashboard.

A photo of JC Bonilla, chief of data analytics for Element451 student engagement CRM

J.C. Bonilla, PhD.

For the past decade, Dr. J.C. Bonilla has been shaping the analytics discipline at NYU where he teaches graduate-level courses in Business Analytics & Data Analytics for Process Improvement. In addition, Dr. Bonilla is an adjunct faculty at RICE University MBA program where he leads a data analytics course.

Outside his academic experience, JC is the Chief Analytics Officer at Element451 where he leads the deployment of advanced analytics for student engagement.

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