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A Promise Not Yet Realized

Analytics in higher education hasn’t kept up with strides in big data, machine learning, and cloud-based solutions. Instead, many admissions professionals still rely on intuition for their search and yield campaigns. But employing predictive analytics and data-driven decision-making doesn't need to be intimidating or costly, as this guide shows.


Understanding How Predictive Modeling Works

To understand how machine learning helps colleges predict what prospects and admits will do, we present a scenario based on one of our clients, a small liberal arts school in the Northeast. Then we describe how a score-based model helps the school make better-informed decisions about how to plan their recruiting resources.

All-in-One Admissions Marketing and Enrollment Management Software

Colleges of all types and sizes choose Element451 to bring order to chaos and data to decision-making. Some select it as their first CRM, others make the switch from overly complicated solutions.

Why Element451?

Reach Enrollment Goals Fast

Are you done with spreadsheets and the inefficiency of multiple pieces of software? Let's talk.