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Take control of student admissions and engagement.

Stop wasting time on repetitive administrative work.

Improve Productivity

The first step to efficiency is removing the manual tasks that take your team away from creating a student-driven experience. With Element451, see daily tasks, automate the application process, and bring more students to your school.

Automate Your Workflows

Streamline your full funnel student journey. Automate marketing campaigns, standardize common processes, and scale student onboarding. Element451 is fully customizable to meet the needs of students and colleges alike.

Simplify Student Intake

Element451 does all the student intake and document chasing for you and then automatically organizes attachments and documents. Eliminate double and triple manual entry of student information into multiple systems.

Connect Your Teams

Unite your admissions and enrollment teams with one place to collaborate. Whether they're remote or in the office, Element451 has everything your team needs to stay connected.

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Fewer systems = Less manual work

Easily create a fully student-centered journey.

Multichannel Communications

Show students and families you understand their needs with personalized messages delivered on the best channel at the best time — automatically.

Landing Pages

Shuttle students from first inquiry to depositing with easy-to-build, personalized landing pages. You won't need a single bit of code to create lead-generating landing pages and request for information forms.

Marketing Automation

Automate everything from nurture campaigns to application submissions. Marketing automation gives you more than time. It creates personalized student experiences at scale.

College Applications

Deliver an effortless experience to students and an efficient review process for your team. Create mobile-friendly applications with a drag and drop editor, then auto evaluate submitted applications.

Event Management

Streamline how you create and manage everything from campus tours to virtual chats. Features like quick registration and auto-created Zoom meetings make it easy for you and for students.

Insights + Reporting

Know where your campaigns stand with performance metrics at your fingertips. Our segment reports and analytics dashboard provide sophisticated data analysis.

Ready to take control of your recruitment and enrollment?

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Why Schools LoElement451

"With the communications module in Element451, having conversations by email, text or phone and tracking that all in one platform, across the whole team, is huge."

"Element451 provides an excellent CRM along with the trained staff to assist their partner schools with the planning, implementation and training to customize their product to the unique approach of each individual school."

"We have folks on our team who have never had a CRM to work with. It's been very seamless for them to dive in there."


Connect Everyone to One Platform

See how Element451 eliminates communication silos and enables every person in your school to clearly understand the full student journey.

Admission Teams

Easily build attractive landing pages for recruiting, track event sign-ups, and manage college applications—all in one place.

Enrollment Teams

Identify who's most likely to enroll and who needs some extra attention, then reach out with personalized emails, text and chat messages.

Marketing Teams

Don't waste another minute copying and pasting or scheduling out emails. Packs, our library of pre-made campaigns, makes it easy to launch effective, automated communication sequences.

Student Life Teams

Keep students engaged throughout their entire academic journey with specialized landing pages, event promotion, and hyper-personalized communications.

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