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Streamlined Applying + Decisioning

Deliver an effortless experience to students and efficient review process for your team.

Screenshot of a student application page.


Enroll qualified students with an application that's easy to complete, manage, and process.

Drag + Drop Builder

There's no guesswork to creating a mobile-friendly application. Everything from buttons to the look of fields is optimized so you can focus on content. Conditional logic, source codes, and a CEEB lookup add sophistication behind the scenes.

Apply Anywhere

Set up applicants for success with an application they can complete from their home, the library, virtually anywhere. With auto-saving there's no stress about losing information or having to finish in one sitting.

Collect Recommendations + Docs

Applicants can request supporting material directly from their application. It's easy for recommenders too. They simply fill out a form online. All letters and documents are centralized with an application.

Auto Evaluations

Bolt, our AI toolkit, can give each application a first read and route it to the next step based on criteria you set.

Organized Review Process

Our decision tool works how you work. Customize the stages and steps you follow for making an application decision. Assign readers, share notes, and facilitate collaboration among counselors, faculty, and admin.

Acceptance + Aid Packages

Congratulate accepted students with a custom set of digital messages. Include personalized information at scale for financial award letters and more.

Screenshots of an application backend and frontend. A drag and drop form builder is a featured component.

No Code Application Management

Bring a smooth process to creating and managing your school's applications. The drag-and-drop builder lets you capture essential applicant information without any advanced technical know-how. The step-by-step application template is customized to your school's colors and branding.

A Modern Student Experience

The user experience matches what today's students expect. It's mobile friendly and works like the sites and apps they're used to. Data is autosaved, reducing the stress that can come from completing an online application. Applicants can submit all of their supporting documents in one place and request recommendations. When they're received, they'll be sent an automated confirmation message. Applicants can pay by credit card, check, or waiver code. Teachers and counselors can submit recommendations and other materials directly to a student’s application.

A screenshot of the SnapApp feature for students to apply more quickly online.

Support Faster App Completion

The SnapApp mode allows students to fill in only required information. Our partner schools have found this to be a great way to support students in completing and submitting their application.


An Optimal Decision Process

Whether you have a rock solid application review and decisioning process or are in need of a strong dose of organization, Element451 works with you. Orchestrate review stages and steps. Assign applications to reviewers and cohorts. When it's time to release a decision, reduce the possibility for error with a rule-based system that automatically notifies applicants of their application status.


Everything in One Place

Arm everyone involved in decision-making with a clear view of an applicant's admissions portfolio. See scores, notes from other reviewers, the original application, associated transcripts and documents, all from a single screen. You can also track the entire journey an applicant has taken, starting with when they began their application. A record of who on your team moved the application to a new stage is also part of the complete application activity feed.


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