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Communications That Cut through the Noise

Show students and families you understand their needs with personalized messages delivered on the best channel at the best time — automatically.

Conversations module in Element451 - higher education's most advanced CRM


It's all about your audience. Efficiently create and manage campaigns that they'll want to read.

Automation Workflows

Coordinate multi-touchpoint journeys in the context of what recipients do. For example, launch a series of messages after someone submits an inquiry form or visits a financial aid page.

Smart Segments

Element451 creates and suggests audience groups that are most likely to engage, need a nudge to move to the next step, or another goal-oriented activity.

Advanced Personalization

Customize content down to the sentence level based on who will receive the email or message. All while reducing manual writing work for your team.


Monitor individual and overall campaign performance from your dashboard. Opens, clicks, and more are displayed in one place so you know where you stand and what to improve.

Pre-Built Content + Designs

Save tremendous time and money with our exclusive library of professionally written and designed campaigns. Think multi-week, cross-channel student search or admitted yield.

Drag + Drop Editing

Swiftly create and edit emails. Use components like signatures and footers to construct cohesive, on-brand messages with little design effort.

Instant Messaging

Embed our messaging tool in your application or a web page to immediately connect with students. Keep the conversation going via text or email if there's more to talk about.

Shared Inbox

Never let someone being out sick or on vacation get in the way of helping a student. Your whole team can access conversation histories and give students informed attention.

True Content Personalization

Deliver messages that resonate at the individual level with Element451's advanced personalization tools. In emails, for example, automatically swap in sentences that match a prospect's academic interests. Or create a behavioral marketing campaign that sends a series of messages based on pages a student has visited.


Automated Campaign Journeys

Orchestrate simple or complex drip, nurture, and admitted yield campaigns with our visual campaign builder. There's more to automated campaigns than saving time. By customizing the flow of messages based on prospects' actions you'll be meeting them where they are in their search for the perfect school.


Touch Points for Every Channel

It's a noisy digital world. Make your message stick with cross-channel campaigns. Our drag-and-drop builder lets you create versions of your message for email, texts, pop-ups, and banners, all from one screen.


Know Your Audience

Use our straightforward filtering to group recipients based on things like location, academic interests, intended term, and engagement level. For example, out-of-state juniors interested in arts majors who have opened at least two previous emails. Take advantage of our Smart Segments too. They're created automatically based on campaign goals.


Chat One-to-One at Scale

Instant messaging is a natural and efficient way to help prospective students. Element451's embeddable chat feature automatically routes inquires to the right counselor based on its topic or other criteria you set. A reply library makes it possible to give individual attention to every prospect. And a shared inbox ensures that prospects will never be waiting for a reply.


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