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Increase Attendance for Admissions + Enrollment Events

Quick registration and auto-created Zoom meetings make it easy for you and students.

A school’s Event portal, powered by Element451.


Streamline how you create and manage everything from campus tours to virtual chats.

Stunning Event Pages

In minutes publish mobile-friendly event pages attendees can sign up for in a snap.

Auto SMS and Email Messages

Maximize interest and attendance with prewritten confirmations and reminders.

Zoom Integration

Make it a Zoom meeting. Create a link and track attendance all from Element.

Event Series

Let people pick the ideal day and time to attend with event series that group reoccurring visit opportunities.

An illustration depicting a desk with a computer on it, and the Zoom logo shown on the screen

Virtual + In-Person Events

The face of college events has and will continue to change. Element451 makes it simple to create and manage online and on-campus events of all types. Auto-create Zoom meetings and track who attended without any manual work. If your event is in person but limited to a small group, you can efficiently cap the number of RSVPs and their guests.

A screenshot collage of the Element451 event portal.

Easy for You + Easy for Students

Creating a beautiful event page is as simple as filling out a form. Include contact details and even Q+As. Get a head start with our sign-up templates or build your own. Students can register on their mobile devices and self-check-in at in-person events.

A web page screenshot of an event details page for an event in the Element451 events portal functionality. The page has a QR code to gain entry to the event, and allows the user to edit their registration details or add the event to their calendar.

Maximize Turn Out

Increase engagement with auto-confirmation, reminder, and thank you messages. Use our pre-created texts and emails or customize for exactly what your event needs.


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