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Measuring Zoom Events for Maximum Impact in Element451

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by Eric Stoller · Apr 06, 2021

Customers can create a Zoom meeting whenever an admissions or enrollment event is created in Element451.

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For the past year, higher education has lived in Zoom. Everything from teaching, learning, graduation, and recruitment have taken place within the confines of screens and webcams. 

For admissions professionals, Zoom was oftentimes the primary point of access to prospective students. 

As things start to return to a sense of normalcy, virtual events will still be an important aspect of the modern recruitment era. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new integration between Element451 and Zoom.

Starting today, our customers can create a Zoom meeting whenever an admissions or enrollment event is created in Element451. 

This means that there’s no more guesswork about event student attendance or tracking. 

Attendees are automatically counted and the integration syncs any activity between Zoom and Element451. You’ll know who participated as well as who missed the event. This can then trigger further communication between your department and students/parents/family members/etc, so you ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

For our current clients, we’ve created two new guides to get you started: 

Getting Started with Zoom Integration

How to Use the Zoom Integration in Events?

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