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Build Student Engagement with Element451’s Conversations

by Sirley Carballo · Mar 28, 2022

Element451 is excited to announce enhancements to our Conversations module that makes it easier for enrollment, recruitment and student engagement teams to communicate and connect with students.

Recruitment and enrollment begins with meaningful student engagement. Maybe you’ve tried to increase student engagement by logging more calls, sending more emails or planning more visit events. This kind of personalized engagement takes time, energy, and a fully staffed department. Plus, today’s students expect personalization that goes beyond an email greeting.

With Element451, you can cater to the specific ways today’s students want to interact. No matter what their preferred content and channels, with Conversations, you’ll be building connections more easily than ever before.

Easy To Set Up, Easier To Use

Our easy-to-use chat feature is now embeddable on any school web page, giving students one more option to initiate communication with your school. Whether a student is on an informational program page or an event registration site, they’ll be able to quickly reach out with any questions.

Incoming messages are routed to the appropriate person, determined by rules you set up, so whether you assign territories by region or some other criteria, the appropriate person will get notified of the incoming message.

The Knowledge You Need At Your Fingertips

Not sure if the person you’re speaking to has interacted with your school before? Element will automatically recognize the person with simple qualifiers and add the new conversation to their existing record or create a new contact record.

Plus, you’ll see a full view of the student’s record without leaving the conversation so you’ll have all the handy info you need (like application status or start date) to quickly and correctly answer questions that are specific to that student.

Save Time and Save Those Relationships

Long gone are the days of 24-48 hour response times. You can reply in seconds through Conversations and if necessary, move the conversation to SMS text or email seamlessly. 

Need to provide even more information? As always, you can record and send a quick video through our Covideo and Loom integrations.

And if a student has spoken with a counselor that’s not available or no longer at the institution, no problem. Element’s shared inbox means students can always get assistance.

A student looking at his phone and smiling. Text bubble graphics surround him.

Everything In One Place

The new Conversation features are accompanied by our new user interface, Bolt UI, which already simplifies how counselors navigate the Element451 platform. Fewer steps and fewer tabs mean more time engaging with students and reaching your goals.

Schedule a demo of Element451 today and see how simplifying conversations with students can lead to higher engagement and more meaningful connections.

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