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Packs: Free Campaigns

Get exclusive access to a library of higher-ed admissions marketing and enrollment campaigns.

Screens of Packs backend and email campaign. The screenshot features Packs components and mobile view.


Start sending campaigns in minutes. Simply install a campaign Pack. You'll get a multi-message campaign, complete with a marketing automation workflow.

Pre-Written. Fully Customizable.

Get a significant head start on your campaigns with our library of ready-to-publish email and SMS campaigns. Adjust messages exactly as you need them.

Beautifully Designed

Don't have an in-house designer? Or a big budget for one? Packs emails are designed by seasoned graphic design and user experience professionals who know what works to get students' attention on mobile devices.

Branded + Personalized

Colors, logos, and even content like your majors and programs, is entered once and waterfalls to every Pack you install. Number of students changes? Edit it one time to update all your messages.

Audience Segments

There's no need to manually build audience segments. Each campaign comes complete with a ready-made segment that draws from your contacts. Think in-state high school seniors or international graduate students.

Marketing Automation

Automated workflows drive when campaign messages are sent out. They're optimized to deliver content at the right cadence. For example, every week, or 2 days after a student completes an application.

Example Packs

Use the Prospect Gen Pack to tell your story on a landing page and compel students to want to learn more. Or reach transfer students with a campaign calibrated for their unique information needs.

Screenshots of Packs backend and email campaign.

Out of the Box Campaigns

Quickly launch a campaign and begin connecting to groups like high school seniors, potential graduate students, and transfer students. You'll save the weeks and even months it usually takes to write, design, and develop multi-channel campaigns.

Screenshots of a Packs email campaign design and featured components.

Best Practices Across the Admissions and Enrollment Journey

Packs is built to boost results across all phases of the admissions and enrollment process. You’ll find fully realized campaigns for activities like sophomore search, parent / guardian outreach, and admitted yield. Each message is carefully constructed, using best practices in admissions and enrollment marketing. For example, emails have a single call-to-action button that keeps students focused on one goal.

Screenshots of Packs campaign building featuring content tokens.

Content Tokens

The magic that makes Pack campaigns unique to each school are content tokens. Simply fill out a short form about your school. Things like the year it was founded, notable alumni, places where students do internships, etc. Packs uses those details to automatically customize emails, landing pages, and more.


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