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Marketing Automation Productivity + Personalization

Automate everything from nurture campaigns to application submissions.

Screenshots of an email workflow and results.


Marketing automation gives you more than time. It creates personalized admissions marketing experiences.


Orchestrate complex message campaigns based on what people do or express interest in. Drip and nurture campaigns are among the most used type but there's nothing workflow automations can't do.


Manual tasks like labeling a new prospect or assigning a student to a counselor can take hours of precious time. Rules free you up for more important work.

Packs Pre-Built Automations

Our exclusive library of higher-ed campaigns actually automates automations. Each Pack comes with the messages for a campaign, such as senior search, and the workflow to run the campaign. Simply install and Packs does the rest.


Manage Zoom meetings for admissions and enrollment events straight from Element451. When you create a virtual visit event in Element451, a Zoom meeting is created at the same time.

Screenshots of an email workflow and components.

A Smarter Way to Connect

Element451’s workflows match your campaign’s complexity with a step-by-step series of automated messages. You can automate actions too, like submitting a completed application on a student's behalf, creating a perfect circle of productivity.

Screenshots of Packs email builder and workflow components.

Automated Automations

Even the simplest of workflow editors involves planning out and building a workflow. With Packs, our exclusive campaign library, workflows are already built. Just install a Pack and get week-long message campaigns optimized for the perfect sending cadence.


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