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Element451 Featured in eCampusNews 2022 Predictions

by Sirley Carballo · Feb 01, 2022

Element451 founder and CEO, Ardis Kadiu was featured on eCampusNews this month, as he shared his prediction for higher ed’s path in 2022

eCampusNews, a website focused on innovations surrounding today's higher education industry, published a list of 39 predictions for higher ed in this new year.

Among the contributors were edtech leaders and experts from Eduventures, Cuemath, Cengage Group, and educators from institutions like Howard University, University of Arkansas and NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Entering the third year of disrupted learning amidst a global pandemic, there was a common theme among most predictions: the need for a student-centered approach.

As more students (and parents) question the value of today's degrees, institutions must ensure that they're equipped with flexible, affordable, and non-traditional models of learning. Beyond the course work alone, leaders are also predicting a huge need for more robust forms of student engagement throughout the entire student journey, from recruitment and enrollment to graduation and beyond.

The colleges that will be most successful will be bold enough to reimagine their processes with the student experience in mind.

Kadiu's prediction shares the same sentiment. By maximizing student engagement and ensuring the student experience remains at the forefront, institutions will be able to survive the continuous drop in enrollment we're experiencing and enter a new, more sustainable era of higher education.

Not only will the student experience need to take precedence, but the right technology will be crucial as schools aim to amp up their digital marketing outreach to students while dealing with slashed budgets and even smaller teams.

In 2022 we’ll see technology (specifically AI-enabled CRM systems that help manage digital marketing, content, and more) having a large role in enrollment and admissions teams’ daily activity. However, it’s only one piece of the puzzle that these teams will need to invest in. They’ll also need to attract staff who are digitally savvy or they’ll end up paying a premium for agencies as digital marketing and high-quality content are expensive.

As schools get settled into 2022 and begin to navigate the new and unique challenges the year will bring, they should remember that students remain at the heart of their mission. As Kadiu predicts, the most successful institutions will be the ones willing to adapt to the new normal and shift their processes away from traditional operations in favor of supporting and engaging students every step of the way.

Read Kadiu's full prediction and view the other 38.

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