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Workshop: Engaging and Inspiring the Next Generation of Students

by Sirley Carballo · May 16, 2022

The Element Engage Summit is our way of bringing our higher education community back together to learn new skills and to get better, faster and more personal with our admissions campaigns.

And, to get out of the house and see people again. 

The Summit is July 26 & 27th in gorgeous Raleigh, North Carolina, and we'd love it if you could join us. 

"What Steve Jobs, Don Draper, and Brené Brown Can Teach Us About How to Attract, Engage, and Inspire the Next Generations of Students"

We're excited to welcome Zach Busekrus from Enrollify as one of our featured speakers. Zach and his team at Enrollify are on a mission to help higher ed institutions supercharge their marketing efforts and discover new products and services. Zach's got a doozy of a three-part workshop planned and we can't wait to explore what he and the Enrollify team have got up their sleeves regarding the next generation of students.

Part 1: How to Harness Gen Z's Attention: A Practical Guide to the Future of Search and Social in Higher Ed 

What seems magical to those of us who watched the internet take shape — playing an entire TV episode without any buffering, for example — is commonplace for today’s high school students.

This extends to how brands communicate. Technology and sophisticated marketing techniques have enabled personalized experiences with products and platforms.

For higher ed admissions and marketing professionals, meeting the communication expectations of today’s students is challenging. But it is possible.

A year's worth of interviews with Gen-Zers from across the country have revealed incredible insight into what they expect from higher education, and Zach will be sharing it with you.

Part 2: How to Grow Your Application Pool by Becoming a Kick-Ass Email Marketer

Email is one of the best methods of communication with students, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. The constant barrage of messages can be overwhelming, and it's often difficult to find the ones that are relevant to you. But what if personalized email only sent you messages that are most important to you?

Most admissions marketers have mastered the basics of personalizing student search communications. Tactics such as inserting a prospect’s name in a greeting and sending major-specific emails are usually givens when planning a campaign. They’re also easy to execute with most email marketing software. 

But what happens when you go bigger?

The team at Enrollify, posing as prospective students, submitted inquiries at 100 different schools to see how well enrollment teams were nurturing prospects. Hint: good emails are critical to success.

Part 3: How to Increase Yield Rates with the Power of Video

Video has emerged as a top engagement tool for marketers. According to recent findings, 88 percent of marketers reported a positive ROI from direct video communication. Students are very adept at figuring out what's mass-produced and what isn't. You can stand out by showing that each student is an individual by sending a message that’s crafted just for them and their specific journey.

In this session, you'll get practical, usable ideas for leveraging video in your marketing and recruitment campaigns, with roadmaps for schools with no budget, schools with a bit of budget, and schools with larger budgets. 

Engage Summit 2022

Two days of practical knowledge and networking for admissions, marketing, and enrollment professionals who want to put the student at the heart of everything they do.

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We’re so excited to offer this chance for us all to gather that we’d like to make the Engage Summit easy to attend. While flights and hotel rooms still need to be paid for, the Summit is 100% free. Our way of saying thank you for all that you do.

Join us in Raleigh to hear Zach in person and learn from other experts, or tune in virtually. In-person spots are limited so grab yours now!

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