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The Technology Community Colleges Need to Boost Enrollment

by Sirley Carballo · Mar 10, 2022

On, Element451 founder and CEO, Ardis Kadiu, outlined the necessary steps community colleges should be taking in order to survive today's ever-evolving digital-first landscape.

With community college enrollment dropping by 13.2% in 2020, (that's over 700,000 students!), it's more crucial than ever that schools have the right technologies in place to effectively reach students.

Today’s higher ed students have grown up with interactive, sophisticated consumer marketing and advertising campaigns that push products and services on their phones and other devices. Students are no different than consumers, and they expect to have the same type of relationship with a college attempting to woo them to campus.

Today's College Students Expect More

The article describes a typical 24-year-old named Charlie whose story is not dissimilar with thousands of community college students across America.

Care-taking responsibilities, a lack of access to a steady internet connection, and increasing bills make it hard to prioritize a college degree. How can Charlie even begin to research schools, financial aid options, submit applications, or the other necessary steps to enroll?

Community colleges need to cut through the noise to get students like Charlie the right information at the right time in an accessible and personalized way.

Screenshots of an email workflow and results.

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The New Era of Student-Centered Recruitment

Long gone are the days of mailing a brochure in an envelope to every student who lives in a certain zip code. Today's students expect personalized and unique outreach in the formats they're used to—digital, fast, and easy.

We know personalized outreach works. Students are more likely to interact with an admission specialist when communication is one on one and unique to that student's interests, questions, and educational goals.

But how can community colleges ensure they're creating a hyper-personalized experience for every student without a full-time IT resource and a team of 10 people? The answer is AI.

A college admissions department won’t have to write hundreds of individual emails; however, potential students will feel like they have still received one.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Maximize Your Recruitment Efforts

By leveraging behavioral analytics to automate and customize campaigns and other types of communications between a college and a student, schools are able to quickly capture student interest and easily increase engagement.

Predictive modeling, student segmentation, and automated communication are just some of the ways that AI is maximizing the efforts of admissions teams around the country.

The old tried and true tactics of traditional enrollment won't be enough. It's up to colleges to step into the new world of recruiting: a world where marketing automation platforms like Element451 make reaching and connecting with students like Charlie easier than ever.

Read the full article and see how AI enhances recruitment efforts by providing an unparalleled and personalized student-driven experience. Ready to experience it for yourself? Schedule a demo.


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