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Record, Recruit, Repeat: A Personalized Video Webinar

by Sirley Carballo · Dec 02, 2021

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Between declining enrollment and Covid-19 challenges, colleges and universities have been tasked with finding creative ways to maximize student engagement. Now, with the new Covideo integration for Element451, your team can easily record and share personalized videos on-the-spot inside your Conversations module.

If you missed the live stream of our free webinar on personalized videos don't fear. We've got it saved so you can reference this resource as many times as you need.

During our webinar, we explored:

  • Speaking to students in "their language"
  • How to build trust, rapport, and connections through personalized videos
  • The new capabilities of our Covideo integration
  • Best practices for recording and sending personalized video messages

IA Live: Record, Recruit, Repeat

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