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Workshop: Creating Connections with Behavioral Marketing

by Sirley Carballo · Jun 07, 2022

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Have you saved your spot (in-person or virtual) for the Engage Summit?

For most of us, the Summit is our chance to get together for the first time in what feels like forever.

It's also where you'll get a chance to learn from the best minds in admissions and enrollment.

To hear the best new strategies for winning the hearts and minds of prospects and have them turn into students.

Like how savvy enrollment marketers use behavioral data to make stronger connections with students.

Humanizing Data: Making Stronger Connections with Behavioral Marketing

Demographic data tells us who students are. Behavioral data tells us what motivates them.

Put the two together, and you're taking your recruiting efforts from humdrum to holy cow!

This isn't spray and pray like we used to do. Nor is it the faux personalization of <First Name>, that no one believes is really personal.

It may seem far-fetched, but universities could be using prospects’ opens, clicks, and other online behavior to make the college search process more like the personalized experiences we’re used to on Netflix or Amazon.

Imagine knowing that a prospective student prefers frequent updates with scenes of campus life over bi-weekly emails about academics. And then being able to automatically add the prospect to a segment that delivers just such messages. 

You’d not only have a stronger chance of connecting with that prospect by giving them what they want, but you’d also be developing a deeper understanding of what drives that prospect and others to engage with your school.

The Kinds of Campaigns Students Want to See

By putting demographic and behavioral data together, we can create the kind of campaigns that make our prospects feel seen and heard.

Campaigns where we're anticipating needs and staying one step ahead of what our prospects want to hear.

This might be the most powerful skill you can learn in 2022.

Engage Summit 2022

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