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Workshop: Dashboards, Analytics & Insights

by Sirley Carballo · Jun 15, 2022

We're getting closer and closer to Engage Summit 2022, but we're still missing one crucial component.


Without your attendance, the Summit won't be everything we'd hoped!

Plus, you'll miss out on fantastic networking opportunities, our exclusive roundtables, and quality Element swag.

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Young woman on a laptop. Charts and graphs surround her.

Taking the "Bore" Out of Dashboard: Analytics + Insights.

What good is all your data and reporting if it stays buried in spreadsheets and dense documents?

Unleash your data with dashboard best practices, see what's happening in real-time, and get everyone on the same page with clear and accessible reporting.

Whether you are an administrator who relies on reporting to make strategic decisions, an analyst who wants to organize and present data effectively, or a staff member looking for actionable information, this presentation is designed to inspire.

Why You Need Good Data Skills

The talk of almost every industry is about how data is "changing the game." How machine learning and algorithms are revolutionizing how we do business, how decisions are made, and how we optimize operations. 

This is most certainly true of your institution. 

Colleges and universities nowadays collect data on almost every aspect of the academic ecosystem, and we know an immense amount about our students. 

It's not a lack of data most schools are suffering from. Our real problem is what do we do with all the data we have?

No one wants to receive messaging that could be for anyone. The absolute starting point for better engagement is getting our data in order at the source and keeping it "clean."

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