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Workshop: Create Connections Through Strategic Narratives

by Sirley Carballo · Jun 20, 2022

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When is the last time a number got you excited?  

When did knowing the ratio of anything send you into a tizzy?  

That's because unless it's the winning lotto numbers or the inheritance from a long-lost relative you never knew (sorry, uncle Phil), we're not driven to desire or action by numbers.  

Numbers are our rational brain. Helpful at times, but not how we get excited. 

It’s profound, emotional connections that move us, get us going, and push our lizard brain.  

And nowhere is this more true than when someone is making the most critical life decision.  

In his Engage Summit session, Jay Barron from Elevate Demand will go deep into how we need to stop trying to message facts and figures (those pesky numbers) and instead start selling with trust and emotion.  

Another great talk you do not want to miss out on at Engage Summit 2022

Strategic Narratives a.k.a. The Story Isn’t About You

A trusted formula for most colleges and universities when it comes to messaging is to talk up facts and figures. Student to faculty ratio. Number of students. Amount of aid awarded. And so on. 

But trusted doesn’t equal effective.

Students crave deeper, emotional connections. Particularly when making — what is for many — the most important decision of their lives to date.

We’ll look at examples from consumer products, schools, and yes, even software companies, to explore strategic narratives and how they can change your whole approach to recruiting

More than a fancy way of saying “story,” a strategic narrative taps into students’ needs and wants. And creating one doesn’t require an expensive agency.

You’ll learn actionable principles that your marketing and admissions teams can use straight away.

Wanda Pogue
Global Chief Strategy Officer

Engage Summit 2022 Is Almost Here!

Two days of practical knowledge and networking for admissions, marketing, and enrollment professionals who want to put the student at the heart of everything they do. July 26+27 in Raleigh, NC or virtually.

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