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Conversations 2.0: Intelligent Chat and Conversational Marketing

by Sirley Carballo · Jun 06, 2022

Element451’s revamped Conversations module makes it easier for your enrollment, recruitment and student engagement teams to communicate and connect with students.

Our number one priority is setting you up for success so that you can build connections with students more easily, in the ways today’s students have come to expect.

Read on to learn more about the enhanced tools and features that will ease your staff’s workload and better engage your prospective students.

A Messenger You Can Embed Anywhere

Our chat messenger is now easy to embed on any of your .edu webpages, even if they aren’t built through Element451 landing pages or microsites. 

That means, prospective students can begin conversations from any page, at anytime. Plus, anonymous conversations and ready-to-go ice breakers make it easy to jump right into a conversation by removing any initial barriers.

In-app notifications ensure students are receiving the support they deserve and stay engaged throughout the process.

Plus, Element451 associates a conversation with a student record if they have one and lets you chat directly from the student’s profile so you can refer to previous activity, their application, and more.


  • Ice breakers
  • Anonymous conversations
  • Contextual display
  • Easy embed code
  • Embed messenger anywhere
"See Where You Left Off - All In One Screen". Graphic of conversation bubbles between student and school.

A Redesigned Look and Feel

Our new Conversations module is visually brought to life by our new Bolt User Interface (UI). Bolt UI features a streamlined contextual sidebar, text search, full-screen view, and an enhanced editor making it quick and easy to find exactly what you need inside Element451.

Best of all, it’s fast. Like lightning fast. (We didn’t name it Bolt for nothing!)


  • Speed, speed, speed…
  • Contextual sidebars
  • Enhanced editor
  • Text search
  • Full-screen view

An Inbox Created To Make Your Life Easier

Forget the days of toggling through different tabs and browsers to keep all your communication straight. Our updated Conversations module allows you to see multiple email and SMS inboxes all in one place. 

Whether you’re working via group emails, Gmail, or Office365, you can access it all inside Element451. 

And best of all, you can easily transition an SMS conversation to an email in one click (and vice versa). Then continue your initial text conversation with a personalized video message or attach documents, such as info sheets. 

And if a student has spoken with a counselor that’s not available or no longer at the institution, no problem. Element’s shared inbox means students can always get assistance.


  •  Multiple inboxes
  • Group emails, Gmail, Office365
  • SMS inboxes
  • Inbound conversations
  • Automatic association

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Learn what to look for when choosing higher education marketing and enrollment software with a step-by-step plan to help you select a higher-ed CRM in weeks, not months. 

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