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Landing Page Dos and Don'ts

by Sirley Carballo · Sep 23, 2021

Our Monday episode of In Your Element covered all things landing pages and how to easily build out the best page in minutes.

Whether you’re running digital ads or an email campaign, a landing page is the perfect place to pique interest, gather important student contact information, and showcase all that your school has to offer.

Our recommendations for a winning landing page:
  • Keep your forms short — 3 fields max so students can fill it out fast
  • Make sure your audience doesn’t get lost — use buttons to navigate to page sections
  • Break up copy into short content blocks with clear subheadings for better readability and scanability
  • Most visitors are viewing on a cell phone, so make sure your page is mobile-friendly
  • Personalize your message to better connect with and engage your audience
  • Invest in a modern landing page builder so you can create and edit pages quickly

Ideally, your landing page will be part of or integrate with your CRM so that all the conversions, tracking, and insights can be found in one place. 

With Element451, building a landing page requires zero coding. Instead, you can easily build and modify pages to fit your school's needs. With our Packs pre-built campaigns, you can even launch a ready-made landing page, complete with content. Plus, a full-fledged photo library is at your disposal if you need a quick stock image. Remember, getting your page up fast is key!

Different design blocks help you build out the perfect page. Want to embed a video? Need to update a data point? Want to display different headers for different audiences? Do it all at the click of a button.

With Element, you’re also able to pre-populate forms with information you may already have about a prospect, letting them just confirm or update rather than fill in from scratch. Our messenger feature also allows students to chat with you on the page. Messages are routed and managed through our Conversations module

The best part is that all of these features are so easy to use. We do the heavy lifting on the backend and you ensure the messaging and brand are in sync so you have the most cohesive and successful digital campaign possible.

P.S. If you're in Seattle for this year's NACAC conference, stop by our booth #1608 to say hello! 


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