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Analyzing Engagement to Make The Right Marketing Move

by Sirley Carballo · Oct 11, 2021

We all know doing the same thing and expecting different results isn’t logical but when it comes to enrollment marketing, it's easy to just do what's always been done. Our latest In Your Element LIVE explored how we can use engagement data to measure our effectiveness and inform our important decisions and actions.

In the past, measures like email open rates were the gold standard. Now, as advancing technology grapples with the rising need for user privacy, updates like the one in Apple’s iOS 15 throw open rates out the window. So how do we analyze engagement without some of these historically tried-and-true measures?

Engagement Scores

In Element, we look beyond mere open rates. All students receive an engagement score based on specific engagement criteria such as:

  • Email interaction
  • SMS interaction
  • Form submission
  • Event signups
  • Logins
  • Pageviews

Because we analyze the engagement from multiple touch-points, you end up with a well-rounded score that more accurately reflects your prospective students' interest in your school. Based on these engagement scores and where a student is in the funnel, you're able to better predict future behavior, like completing an application or submitting a deposit.

Smart Segments

We’ve all been there—guessing what the perfect action to take is. With the power of artificial intelligence, our Smart Segments analyze the data and create segments of students based on their actions and engagement. Not only do our Segments show you that valuable engagement score, but also predict the likelihood of conversion so you can make the best decision for that group of students.

With this type of info, you’re now able to identify weaknesses and strengths in communication flows, yield, or conversions. Plus, you don’t have to spend precious time working with formulas and filters to figure out what you should do next in your communication campaigns. Smart Segments removes the guesswork so you can focus on building personalized, strategic recruiting and enrollment experiences.


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