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Intelligent Admissions Marketing to Boost Student Enrollment

by Sirley Carballo · Mar 22, 2022

Make Technology, Creativity and Strategy Work Together to Achieve Your Enrollment Goals

Intelligent Admissions Marketing

At Element451, we don't believe in telling a student that they should be interested in your school without telling them why. Rather we believe in helping you take what you know about the student and communicate why your school is a great match for them. After all, that’s what admissions professionals do: find the right fit between the college and the student. And to do that at scale, using a data-backed strategy, creativity and technology is intelligent admissions marketing.

When we founded Element451, we had a vision for building a tech company with a specialty in higher ed that would deliver great solutions for colleges and universities that were looking to recruit students in a way that was personal, aligned with their brand, and communicated the value they offered. It was a vision that was only possible when we combined admissions experts with a strong engineering team to create admissions software at a scale that makes the process affordable for most colleges and universities.

And one distinct thing you learn from working with engineers is that almost anything is possible. If you can think of it (and you have enough time, money, or technology) it can be built. That’s a very powerful notion.

Admissions professionals find the right fit between the college and the student. And to do that at scale, using data-backed strategy, creativity and technology is intelligent admissions marketing.

How Do You Target Students for Admissions Marketing?

That's why we are coining a new term here today: intelligent admissions marketing. It describes the design, building, and use of a system that:

  1. Identifies qualified students through data insights
  2. Organizes insights about their attributes and behaviors
  3. Brings together compelling creative about your brand that uses data-backed insights  to deliver personalized messages
  4. Leverages marketing automation to deliver such messages to large numbers of students at important moments
  5. Measures the impact and optimizes the approach
Diagram of Intelligent Admissions marketing

Download the White Paper

Achieving these objectives requires a combination of strategy, creativity, and technology. I outline how each fits into the following white paper entitled "Admissions Marketing Automation." As you read it, I'd like you to think of yourself as designing a system that harnesses resources to accomplish a goal. 

Learn to build and scale the best student marketing strategies in higher education with an Element451 demo.

Screenshots of an email workflow and results.

Admissions Marketing Automation

When leveraged together, personalization and automation can make admissions marketing campaigns more effective. Gain a new understanding of how the combination improves engagement, efficiency, and ultimately enrollment. 

Download the White Paper


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