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An image from the Element451 software program showing a personalized email message to a prospective college student.

Personalized marketing campaigns that are actually easy for your team.

With Element451’s student engagement CRM, you can give every student the individualized attention they expect. Efficiently build and manage marketing campaigns to create unique student experiences and drive enrollment.

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A grouping of three images from the Element451 software program's application and decisioning interfaces. Two show what the platform looks like to students who are applying. One shows what the stages of review are for evaluating applications.

Automate an even better student experience, at any scale.

Element451 streamlines the application and decision process, creating an experience that is less stressful for potential students and more efficient for your team.

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Screenshots from the Element451's business intelligence dashboards showing trends in the enrollment funnel.

Maximize student success, engagement, and enrollment with insights.

Stop the guesswork when it comes to enrollment. Real-time funnel analysis enables you to look beyond simple demographics to see how prospects are engaging with your messaging, what motivates their decisions, and which marketing campaigns are most effective.

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